Monday, August 16, 2010

The inn is full.

My wife's cousin and her husband are in from California for the week, this we were planning for. What we were not ready for were my son's girlfriend and his college room mate. Thankfully there's enough space for everyone to find a spot. There's no more room at the inn.

This first weekend has been loads of fun starting with my mother-in-law finding this yellow parakeet in the bird feeder. She had my father-in-law catch it and try to put it in a bird cage. It flew around their house for a few hours until the two of them netted the little bird and put it in the cage. Did I mention my mother-in-law getting bit a couple of times in the process?

Sunday we took the kayaks out on the pond. We had the whole pond almost all to ourselves due to the grey skies. My sister-in law, wife and their cousin went for a swim afterwards.

After dinner the parakeet flew in from the bedroom. Either the bird is smart about sliding birdcage doors or the bars are not close enough. I did manage to get the little fella back into the cage without any pecks or nips.


jinksy said...

That bird is a rainbow poem!

Rebecca said...

Sounds like a fun time.