Saturday, June 20, 2009


It’s hard for me to think today. My mom called and told me my younger bother John was hospitalized last night. He has flu-like symptoms, along with his hepatitis and diabetes; they wanted to keep him for observations. I called him this morning and he didn’t sound well. I fell so helpless being here in New York and him in Florida.
Today’s photo is for my bother. Like these flowers, I look up to God for his help; it is all I can do.


Mrs. E said...

I'll say a prayer for you & your brother, too. (I love sunflowers! And that sky!! Beautiful.)

SiLa said...

So sorry to hear that.
Our God is a Healer,
Jehovah raffa: He is our Healer
El-roi: the Strong One who sees
Emmanuel: God with us
May that God give you courage and strength and bless your brother with health. Amen