Saturday, June 27, 2009

Graduation Weekend

Well my youngest son, Evan graduated from junior high last night. Tuckahoe, our school district is a small kindergarten to eight-grade district. It has less than 350 students than come from an area about 11.5square miles in Southampton NY. From here he’ll go to Southampton High School, where my wife works.
It’s typical small town, in a good way. Everyone knows everyone. When we moved to this school district nine years ago, I visited my son’s class early in his first school year. As I left the classroom and walked down the hall, a teacher said, “Hello Mr. Gravano.” I didn’t know this person but she new the new student’s parent was in the building and I was the only person this teacher did not know. That’s small town to me.
Our superintendent, Linda Rossi, is also the school principal. She truly is all about children and their education. She knows every parent.
This school district was the reason we moved to this area, and in my opinion, it’s the best thing Southampton has to offer.
Today’s picture is an update on the Snow peas. The plants were blown over by the wind and the rain last week, but they’re coming back just fine.
Tomorrow, Adam graduates high school, and we’ll host most of my wife’s family. My family lives to far or are not in good health to travel. Their thoughts are with the boys, I’m sure.

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Mrs. E said...

The milestones are so important to mark and celebrate. Life moves on at such an intenses pace. It is good to take time and reflect! PS. I love snow peas, but don't grow them. : )