Saturday, April 3, 2010

Northfield VT

As I mentioned previously, we drove up to Northfield Vermont to spend Easter weekend as a family. Our older son, Brian drove across the upper border of New York State with a friend. We met them in Plattsburgh NY and all had lunch together. An Easter lunch a day early.
After lunch, Brian drove back to Northfield with us where Adam showed of his campus and the town to his older brother.
Northfield is a quaint town that is home to Norwich University, America's first Military School. We took a long walk through the campus and the surrounding neighborhood. This was Brian's first time to the campus or town.
On the walk, I noticed many of the houses flew American flags. I saw more than what I normally see back on Long Island. This is the third of April, not Memorial Day or the Fourth of July right? Back home that's the reason to fly an American flag. Back home it seems patriotic to fly a flag on a national holiday. Here people fly the flag all the time. Truly a proud community, a patriotic community and a beautiful community.
Both photos were made with the Canon 5d mkII and processed in Photoshop. A Happy and Blessed Easter to all. We drive back home home tomorrow, Easter Sunday.


Mrs. E said...

I love this! I kind of want to live in this neighborhood!

S. Etole said...

What a friendly looking neighborhood ... Resurrection blessings to you.

SiLa said...

Blessings to you too