Monday, July 26, 2010

Cold Spring Harbor

One of the prettiest towns on Long Island is Cold Spring Harbor. It sits on the western border of Suffolk County and it is famous for Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. Dr. James Watson, who is world renowned for his discovery of the structure of DNA lived and worked at that lab. Yours truly worked there for two summers as a summer camp counselor. I taught little tikes how to take and develop black and white photos.  Our lab was a janitor’s closet in a school. It was fun. Mostly, it was fun to here stories about Dr. Watson watering his flower garden in his underwear. I cannot say if this is true or not, I never witnessed it. I did spend a lot of time behind his house with the kids. But, I never say him.

Really we had very little interaction with the lab. We just used their property and the elementary school property for the summer camp.

Today’s photo is an HDR image from a shop window on Main Street, Cold Spring Harbor.

Just a side note, I now live some 70 miles from Cold Spring Harbor, but the body of water that I see from my window is named Cold Spring Pond. Both get their names from the springs that delivery water to the surface of the earth.

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