Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Men and cars. 
I'm fascinated with automobiles, especially old and odd ones. Parades usually bring out the best of them; that's where I found this Studebaker.

Personally, I put too much miles on my vehicles to drive anything fancy. My motto has always been practical in the auto department. My 2010 Ford Focus (what else is a photographer to drive) purchased in September has over 31,000 miles on it. I had a Plymouth Neon that had 300,000 miles on it. Hard to believe Consumer Reports said it was a car to stay away from.

The Studebaker photo was made using the Canon 5d mkII and processed in ACR.


Anonymous said...

can i say a really girlie thing?

i like the colour.

Mrs. E said...

I've never been too into cars--they just need to go when I get in. You, on the other hand, make me see them in a different light: cool lines and color!

Hilary said...

lol.. I had the identical thought as n. davis rosback. ;)

T. Becque said...

Nice shot with shapes and color (and yes, I liked the color too - sorry to take the steam out of your guy thing!).

I think it may be me with the orange, I didn't realize I was drawn to it until you and a few others pointed it out :)

Lisergic Synaesthesiae said...

Great colours and interesting composition of curves and lines!