Friday, July 30, 2010


I always like the way the word commuter sounded as a word. Its meaning, on the other hand didn't strike me one way or another. But, some people attach a negative meaning to the word.

I worked as a continuing eduction teacher at a large University for a number of years as a photography instructor. One year, the administration took the daylight studio from us to turn it into a Commuter Lounge. I never knew if non-commuters, students that live on campus, had their own lounge, or if they were allowed to use the Commuter Lounge.

Years went by and I never saw a student in the lounge. They moved the photography department from that building and put us in the fine arts building. So I don't know what ever became of the room.

I still wonder about the Commuter Lounge.

Today's image is a old sign that I'm guessing is for commuter parking. Here on Long Island commuter parking is usually associated with the train. There is no train or tracks where I found this sign. I was just as confused as the Commuter Lounge.


Anonymous said...

you gave me a smile

Lisergic Synaesthesiae said...

Like the tones and the strong contrast!

[[ I can see that, in the post entry, the photo appears a bit opaque. Instead clicking on it's clear and defined. Maybe you have to change, in the HTML mode, the URL image reference from /s640 to /s800 or more :) ]]

S. Etole said...

makes one think they need to keep moving ...

Hilary said...

There's something about rusty old signs.. even if their message isn't clear.