Thursday, July 8, 2010

We are not in control.

Hey mister, you coming?

The extreme heat these past few days and last winter being so snowy, it is obvious to me that no matter what people think, we are not in control. We all need to start thinking about our footprint on this delicate planet we call home.
You can call it another weather phenomena, a wether anomaly or whatever else you'd like, but if the Al Gore's of the world are right, once we know for sure, it will be too late.


Today's photos were made in hell. Oh, sorry it only felt that way, low to mid nineties with high humidity, and zillions of mosquitoes. I was on a job to photograph a historic home on the south shore of Long Island. With the dry weather, we haven't had a mosquito problem. So I didn't plan of giving blood at the office. I couldn't focus or hold still long enough to make any good exposures because of the little buggers. I'm going back in armed next time!


S. Etole said...

They do present a challenge, don't they ... those little fawns are pretty curious.

Anonymous said...

sounds very uncomfortable.
once my husband and i were traveling to wyoming, and we were so tired we needed to stop and sleep for awhile. all we found was a camp ground that was closed for the night by a river, so we got out our sleeping bags on the grass and had some sleep. when we woke-up he had gotten bitten on his bottom lip. his lip got so big that i thought it would burst.
i have never seen the like before.

christopher said...

Great pictures.

We are never in as much control as we would like to believe. And, even though a few weeks of extreme heat or snow are not conclusive, I do agree that we are probably in for a rude awakening.

Suburban Girl said...

Finding those little dear makes it all worthwhile.

PS I just wish Al Gore would practice what he preaches himself. I am highly skeptical of someone making so much money from message and then not living in accord with it. Not that I disagree with the message...maybe just the messenger. Enough from me too! I have had to say that to someone...sometime and well, you got it cause you opened the door. :)