Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Autumn is a reflective time of year for me. I think about life and about death. With two sons in college and the third just starting high school I think about age more than I want to. Every ach means something different now.
Calls to my parents in Florida are not like they once were. My mom tells how dad fell again, how she’s getting too old to look after him. She wants to find a senior care facility they can live in. Autumn in their lives doesn’t look the same as autumn in mine.
The feelings I’m having are best summed-up by Carrie Newcomer’s song
“Leaves Don’t Drop, They Just Let Go.”
Leaves don’t drop they just let go,
And make a place for seeds to grow.
Every season brings a change,
A seed is what a tree contains,
To die and live is life’s refrain.
It’s a song about letting go, and that’s what autumn is to me.
I’ve quoted this song before on this blog. Carrie is a awesome songwriter.


Mrs. E said...

Ah, I love the words to this song. I'm going to be searching this one out! I love your leaf picture, too. (Oh, those lovely aches--mine are in my elbow and hands. Weird!)

Wiltteri said...

Wau what a picture!