Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bay Shore

I just returned form the surf fishing tournament and now I’m watching football with my son. It’s what he lives for. Unfortunately his favorite team is not playing a good game. Oh well.

Today’s post is from last night. Babylon Volunteer Fire Department’s Annual Inspection and Awards Dinner held in Bay Shore. While I was waiting for things to start, I saw the reflection of the American flag in the window. Bay Shore is one of Long Island’s struggling communities. Once a prosperous community with a thriving downtown and a beautiful waterfront, it fell early due to a large shopping mall. It’s had several eras of revitalization, but it still suffers.

Looking out the catering hall window one would never know you were in the same Bay Shore. The harbor boat slips are all full. I guess it’s the economy that’s keeping, many of the boats moored on such a beautiful night.

Made with the Canon 5D and processed with ACR.


Mrs. E said...

Very cool...the reflection and the boats!!

Wiltteri said...

I like this photo!

georgia b. said...

i can almost smell the sea air. gorgeous view!

it's sad to see places like this struggle. it's a shame. it is how the historic downtown areas of many midwest towns are doing. but many of them are being vamped up, too--especially the ones along the train line.