Monday, September 14, 2009

The letter D

I had a rough day today. I accidentally erased a compact flash card without downloading the photos first. It’s very embarrassing to have to call a client to tell them. I should know better, this is the second time I’ve done this. I think it’s time for a portable back up. I started looking at them today.

My post today, the letter D, I found at an old ammunitions storage unit in Westhampton. They use the property now for self-storage units and when we were between homes we stored our stuff there.

This image is an HDR creation from three exposures. I finished the HDR file with Photomatix Tone Mapping program.


"Rooster" Rick Jackofsky said...

Remember the good old days? Just rewind before you open the back and bring your film to a good lab.

Mrs. E said...

Oh, I am really feeling for you! That would be my nightmare!