Monday, September 7, 2009


Cats are funny animals, and Sasha is no exception. She is the dog in the family. Isabel, our adopted Greyhound is a couch potato, even though she’s not allowed on the couch.

(She has been found on the couch many times, it’s a favorite spot when we are not home). Sasha makes all the noise in the animal part of the family. Her loud meows wake Isabel and I up in the morning, “time for breakfast.” Isabel sometimes whimpers, but rarely barks.

This is Sasha on the windowsill being a cat. She’s always been an inside cat, so the sill is her view of the big outside world. She sits up there and watches the birds and she’ll meow at Isabel as she runs around outside. Sometimes, like today, she just enjoys the heat of the sun. I made this image with the Canon 5D and processed it with ACR.


Mrs. E said...

I am totally not a cat person, but I love this picture. (Also, I'm going to hunt up that Lincoln book you are reading! Thanks for sharing!)

SiLa said...

Cool get cat you have :)))