Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Windshield Rain Drops

I had a fun assignment today photographing an improv troop. It’s a whole lot different from politics and elected people. After I process them. I post one or two.
Today’s photo is of water on my windshield. I took the liberty of processing it with canon’s Digital Photo Professional and Photomix Tone Mapping programs.


Mrs. E said...

I love it! It honestly looks like a textured piece of plastic! (This could be in an art museum!) Very cool.

georgia b. said...

this is so neat. i agree with mrs. e's comment about textured material. i love to find texture and pattern in everyday things by looking further than we tend to in our busy lives.

i was going to start a series--well, i guess i did start it when i did the first post several months ago. but i only did one post, so i guess it's not a series yet. anyway, the series was to be four photos per post--a sort of study on color, texture, pattern and shape--to help me see it more and notice it more in the things around me.

you've inspired me to get back into it and make it a series by doing more installments. :)