Saturday, November 7, 2009

greyscale leaf

I just returned from the class B championship soccer game Southampton vs. Center Moriches, we lost again. This is the second year the boys soccer team has made it this far. This year we held the loss to one point. That's great, considering that they beet us six zip earlier this year.

We have a young team and they played very hard. I know it's coming boys, keep playing hard and you'll get there.

I didn't take my camera to the game, I just wanted to go and cheer. I wish I had brought my gear because no one was there for the yearbook or local papers.

Today's photo is of a leaf at the bottom of Lower New Milpond which I made on Wednesday.

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Mrs. E said...

Exciting game for a beautiful fall day--at least it was in our area! I have finally quit going places without my camera--every time I leave it, I wish I had it. My goal for the coming year is to take more pictures of people.