Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A great cup of coffee.

I made a surprise visit to my friends Rick and Georgianne of the Homegrown String Band. Rick had invited me for a cup of fresh ground, organically grown, free trade, rattle snake gutter brew in the comment section of my Coffee and a photo to go post. So, I stopped in unannounced to collect and catch-up on old times.
What a great cup of coffee. They buy their coffee from Dean's Beans. Rick made me a cup of Beach Bean, one of the monthly specials, it was delicious. I could easily fall in love with the taste of this coffee. Read Rick's post here.
Today's photo was made while I was waiting for an elected official to arrive at an elementary school veterans day assembly. He was in committee meetings and his staff scheduled me, needless to say we never connected and I had some time to drop-in on my old friends.
Today's post is in honor of all our veterans. My heartfelt thanks for your service.


Mrs. E said...

Wonderful! Happy Veteran's Day!

S. Etole said...

Thank you for the comments you leave and for appreciating the significance of the day and those who have given so much.

georgia b. said...

sounds nice. i used to love to drop in on people unannounced. but my husband hates when it is done to us, so i have rethought my habit of doing so, realizing some people may not appreciate it when i do. i grew up in a family where our doors were always open to guests, announced or unannounced. so i am used to it and it does not bother me. there is something exciting about the spontaneity of surprise guests or surprise visiting. much of time, it's not because i planned on visiting. it's just the sort of thing where i happened to be in the area and felt it would be a shame not to stop by.