Monday, November 16, 2009

A year and six days

Well, I missed my blogging anniversary. Sometime back in October I looked to see when I started blogging. I wanted to post a new version of the bike rack that graced my first page in cyberspace.
It was an attempt at high dynamic range photograph, until the figure stepped into the frame. Today's post is also a straight photo, this one made with the G10 and processed with ACR.
I'm always drawn to colorful objects. The rack looks better than the original post mostly because of the open overcast lighting and the sky. The first time I photographed it I was more concerned with cropping out the distracting signs and maybe making it look a little abstract. This time I just wanted to record the whole scene.
One year. As I've stated before blogging has helped me return to the kind of subject matter that first go me interested in photography. As a teen I would have never believed I would be working s a political photographer. But as a teen, I do think you could have told me that you couldn't make a living making images of autumn leaves or blades of grass or most of the other things you'll find on this blog. I was no different that most teens and just didn't listen. I had to do it my way.
Thank you to all who visit, and all of you who comment. You have all become a part of my life.


Mrs. E said...

Happy Anniversary--belatedly! I want this bike rack! Ever school in the nation should have such a colorful bike rack. What a setting! I am quite jealous that you live where you get to gaze on scenes like this on a daily basis! : )

S. Etole said...

Congratulations on your anniversary ... you find such amazing colors on ordinary objects ...