Sunday, November 1, 2009

November Sky

In nineteen days this blog will be a year old. I was unsure about investing the time in something that I would not see a financial return in. Not too far into the year I was hooked. Mostly because it gave me a reason the make the images that first got me excited about photography. I couldn't support my family, have a mortgage, and have a new car with just the income generated by photographing leaves and grass and sunsets.

I make my living photographing politics, political people and government. Not very exciting as far as blog material. It's not the kind of subject matter that you'd use experimental processes or extreme angles to photograph. Yes, I sneak something more artistic in every once and a while, but it's rare that it gets used.

So blogging gives me the reason to photograph more personal things, it gives me reason to take a camera on walks or places I normally wouldn't take a camera.

After almost a year, I find myself looking forward to reading posts by some of my blogging friends. If fact most mornings it the thing I do after I pour my first cup of coffee. I've learned a lot about the web from fellow bloggers, and I've seen some very creative sites with very talented artists.

I'd like to thank every visitor and everyone that follows and comments on my blog. You are my motivation.

Today's pictures were made on the drive home from a Veterans Awareness Week Kick-Off event the sky was full of beautiful color. To the east was the moon surrounded by shades of pink and purple. Behind me was fire orange and blue. The November sky is special.

Both images were made with the Canon 5d and processed with ACR.

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Mrs. E said...

LOVE the pictures! Great minds think alike. I have a picture of the moon on my blog tomorrow, too. I love the fall/winter skies!

Blogging has made me brush up on my photography skills and dust off the cameras. I have missed taking pictures. Congrats on 1 year. I'm glad you do this. It inspires me daily!