Monday, December 29, 2008

The Last Monday of 2008

I spent the morning working on images from the Vanderbilt Museum’s fundraiser I worked last night. What a wonderful place, I can’t believe anyone wants to see it close. It’s just that government hasn’t figured a way to fund the operations of the place and not affect some other program or raise fees somewhere. The museum’s untouchable trust fund doesn’t generate enough money to cover the operating expenses since the market went south, and Suffolk County’s executive and legislative branches are bricking over what to do.
The Vanderbilt also has a cool planetarium. I was there as a kid to see a show about the solar system. Last night they did an updated version for the crowd. Today’s post is from last night at the planetarium. It’s a combination of two images one with the star projector and the moon, and one with the projector and the man.

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