Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Overcoming obstacles

I took a short walk today looking for something new to post. I had something I shot yesterday on a job. It was the hands of the stenographer typing away on her steno machine. I actually took a similar photo a few months ago at her request. The older one was better, so I had to go for the walk. The weather didn’t help. I hate taking my camera out in the rain.
I came across this image and thought about how this tree just grew right over the sign. I started to think about how weird this was. It looks like a “No Trespassing” sign from years ago. The tree looks as if it has poured itself over the sign. Maybe, in some strange way it wants visitors. It plans to consume the sign, so as I trespass, as I usually do, I could say, “sign, what sign?” It’s amazing how Mother Nature overcomes obstacles. I need to take a lesson or two.

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