Monday, November 15, 2010

Cross Sound Deli

There's a couple of images on my desktop that I've wanted to post for the longest time, this is one of them. I made this photo on our last trip to visit Adam in Vermont. The Cross Sound Deli is next to the parking lot for the Cross Sound Ferry in Orient, NY.
I'm a sucker for warm lights against a dark sky. This was six thirty or so as we waited for the seven o'clock ferry over to Connecticut, the sun is just breaking on the horizon. Can you smell the coffee?
I used a telephone pole to steady the camera. This was made with the Canon 5d mkII and processed with ACR.


Anonymous said...

your shot makes it look very cozy inside the deli.

S. Etole said...

looks so inviting ....

Anonymous said...

Goodness.. I wrote a piece and this is the vision i had in my mind. i am going to post it here, then please, feel free to delete, but i think you will see what I mean.. Oh my..this is it..amazing Steve:

the weight of your feet

i remember the summer we would meet
every wednesday
at the diner in between our towns.
it had four stools and four leaning booths.
the building seemed to lean into something,
never quite sure what.
across from each other we sat,
feet touching as hands stirred
coffee that never really cooled.
you always ordered eggs sunny side down,
said the yellow orbs burned your eyes
as i dipped my burnt toast
in the aftermath of your attack.
the waitress in the too tight dress
always undressed you with her fuck-me eyes,
and i clawed her face with mine.
you never missed a bite. never held her gaze,
only laughed as my toast dipped harder
onto your already ravaged plate.
you would read me poetry
from some obscure writer that lived
life harder than you.
i fed on your breath and
you loved me then. i love you still.
i never eat breakfast midweek and
ride past that spot often these days.
the building still leans,
only now
in the opposite direction. towards you.

Hilary said...

It looks so warm and inviting.

SiLa said...

while looking at your photo very warm feelings comes to my mind :)

lissa said...

wonderful shot

LinWots said...

For me it seem that it would be better if sky was darker. But still a good shot.