Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Raspberries and Blue berries

They looked too good just to eat. That's one of the problems of being a photographer. Five hour drives to Washington take seven because I have to take the scenic route...and I have to constantly stop to get the photos I want. Or having to photograph the fresh fruit before eating it.
I guess it could be worse.
I made this photo this morning with the Canon 5dmkII and processed it with ACR. I had the raspberries and blue berries, they were delicious.


S. Etole said...

luscious and colorful and I wish I had some ... and my word verification is "table"

{the comment you left about the nursing home just hurt ... so much money spent unwisely when others get none}

Anonymous said...

Besdides Melons, these two are some of my favorite fruits. Yummy, delish..

Your photography is simply stellar..such a gift you have. Thank you for sharing it with the world!!

Kerri Farley said...


Hilary said...

Oh yum! I just bought some of each this morning.

carmilevy said...

I feel your pain. When I travel, I can never resist the urge to stop and capture. It's almost embedded in my DNA, much to my wife's and kids' chagrin.

Oh well, we end up with some neat pictures, so I guess it's a worthwhile tradeoff!

I love the interplay of colors here. Perfection.

Anonymous said...

good thing you got a photo of them...because they are history now!

Mrs. E said...

Beautifull and yummy!