Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Don't block my sky.

I thought about a concept for a new photo series while I was driving a while back. The sky has been incredible and so has the light. But my mood was getting in the way of my creativity.
The sky was beautiful again today, so I pulled off the highway and parked.

The highway sign looked statuesque with the view of the wide angle lens.
Made with the Canon 5d mkII and processed with ACR.


Hilary said...

It almost looks like a rudimentary Inukshuk.

Anonymous said...

Since it's not possible for me to climb inside your eyes, this is the next best thing..

your photos simply amaze, delight and entertain me.. you are amazingly good..

T. Becque said...

Oh I like this. Unique take on the sky!

Anonymous said...

i am enjoying the black and white.

good story on this one.

LinWots said...

Nice picture. Its title suits it very well!

imbeingheldhostage said...

Love this in black and white!

Dawn said...

Magestic looking sky...all because of looking up.
Incredible photography!
Thanks for stopping by- your work is amazing.