Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Mid-term election

I dread this election like a student dreads the tests with the same name. As a nation we are probably more fragile than ever before. Our enemies know this, we should too.
Americans are out of work in large numbers while we have a man here running for Congress that support tax brakes for companies that outsource work. He made millions of dollars in the business of sending jobs to India and other countries and now he wants to be a Congressman. Why?
Why does someone who can spend three million dollars of his own money on a campaign for a congressional seat want to earn $174,000 a year plus benefits?
I can't see him wanting to make life any different for people that want to work but can only take a customer service job or a job on an assembly line. My brother worked as a customer service rep in the financial services field until his job was outsourced. He's not lazy, he wants to work, but the opportunities are drying up. I doubt that a person who takes jobs from Americans has any altruistic characteristics.
The power to protect the billions he made, and the power to protect his right to send more jobs to Singapore or India or wherever, that's how I see it. Selfishness.
It's a two part problem.
First, we can't afford to keep sending jobs, any jobs abroad. Second, we must support education, including programs that re-train Americans for hi-tech opportunities.
I can only hope that today, if nothing more we learn something.
I hope the people in my Congressional district look beyond what is rotten with government and see that it's all about people, nothing else. God mad man, not boundaries or classes. We are brothers and sisters not by choice but by His Creation.

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T. Becque said...

Beautiful image and fitting for your words.