Sunday, November 28, 2010

Man's intrusion

This controversial item is called a beach groin, also spelled groyne. They are jetties built to prevent sand erosion. This one is made of wood, but some are stone others are corrugated steel. You can see the sand is higher on the right of the groin. As the tides move, the sand deposits on one or the other side of the groin, depending on which way the tide is moving.
The rich who live along the beach pay to have their own groins built or sue the government and Army Corps of Engineers for failing to protect their property. Once they win, they use taxpayer money to build them. The groins only move the effects of erosion to an unprotected beach.
The Indians believe the migration of the beach is cyclical. What is washed away from here today, will return tomorrow.
The colors and swirls made by the water and sand are beautiful. Especially on this overcast day. For me, the jetty brings another element to the seascape. We can't leave nature alone, we have to control. We have to overpower. It never works in nature, and we never learn.


Anonymous said...

i agree, the colours are wonderful

T. Becque said...

So true. I like how fierce the ocean looks.

Elizabeth Grimes said...

I never heard of those before. Interesting and said, yet beautiful photo.

Hilary said...

It makes a beautiful image, but it's true that we never learn.

Slamdunk said...

Great shot Steve and thanks for the story behind it. I had no idea.