Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bavarian Inn

Today's post is of the Bavarian Inn, a catering hall that closed a number of years ago. It sits on the north side of Lake Ronkonkoma. Some time ago, the water table on the north side of the Lake began to rise causing homes and businesses to flood. The Bavarian Inn was one of the businesses. Many people from around the lake believe the flooding started when the county highway department put in street drainage.

Just a few months ago I photographed the demolition of a home on the north side of the lake. It was bittersweet for the people that owned the home. Back when all this started, they were young and the flooding became a financial strain that eventually broke-up their marriage. The house was unsellable and, believe it or not, property taxes were still due.

The county would purchase the land from the couple, but not with the house on it. So, Legislator John Kennedy got the house demolished free of charge for the couple helping the sale of the property could go through. They are still left with a mortgage, but not as large as it was.

The inn was being looked at for possibly purchase by the county, but the economy went south and that's the ended that. Too bad.

My friend Karen held her wedding reception there, that was many years before any of the road improvements.

Both images are HDR, processed in Photomatix Pro.


S. Etole said...

Vivid drama in these images ...

Anonymous said...

i agree, with s. etole.

Mrs. E said...

Ah...! Such a wonderful place. I hate to see the ruination of places like this!