Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cool greens and blues

After church today, a friend and I started talking about summer vacations. Phil mentioned he was leaving for Denver on Monday. He asked if we had any plans. We don't. The boys need to work through the summer in order to have enough money for college, mostly books and pocket spending. It's hard to take a family vacation, maybe we would take a weekend trip up to Massachusetts. I became very interested in John Adams after reading the David McCullough book and thought it would be interesting to visit his old home and farm. Phil commented that many times when he's elsewhere in the country, people ask where he is from. When he replies he's from the Hampton's, they ask why is he here for summer vacation instead of back home.

It's different, that's one reason to get off Long Island. I guess no matter where you live, the grass is always greener elsewhere. We don't have all that many rivers here on Long Island. In Suffolk, we have the Nissequogue, Connetquot, Carmans and Peconic Rivers. Wikipedia lists ten others, but they're not like rivers elsewhere in the country. They're all small in comparison to most. We don't have mountains, that's another reason to leave...but that's a different picture.

Today's photo is the Raquette River, made from Potsdam New York. I love the cool greens and blues.


n. davis rosback said...

i am in indiana seeing some of my husband's family.
it is a not a vacation in the sense that most people usually associate with the word.

actually, oregon is at its best in the summer and i hate to miss any of it when it finally arrives.

Mrs. E said...

I love reflection shots! This is just beautiful!

Hilary said...

The Hamptons always makes me think of a Seinfeld episode.